Junior Yoga Class, Rowsley

Ages 8-11

An Easter Yogi Adventure: storytelling

Swan Dive
Gate Pose
Listening Trees
Kindness Web
Butterfly Relaxation

Yogis to the Rescue: Stella-the-Spring-Chicken's Lost Eggs!

An Easter Special Yoga Adventure story

The poses in these pictures were all part of what we had to do so that we could help Stella the Chicken at Wiggle Farm to find her lost eggs, without Mr Grimble the Frustrated Farmer catching us. A secret Yogi Agent asked us Yoga Ninjas to help, and so before setting off we practised our Yogi Moving Mantra: Calmer, Kinder, Cooler Kids.

We needed to travel over the hill and far away, which meant driving a car (Car Pose), riding a bike (Bicycle Pose), calm down on top of the Hill (where we listened to the sound of the Universe and made the same sound with our voice and mouths: OM) in order to find Wiggle Farm to help Stella the Chicken to find her lost Eggs!

Down the Big Hill there came Rocks, so we had to practise our Cobbler Pose to dodge the rocks! We came to a Boat and had to Row all the way over it, singing our favourite 'Rowing Song' on the way. We had to stay under cover in case Mr Grimble caught us trespassing on his Farm, so we covered ourselves in Camouflage and pretended to be Trees. Crawling low to the ground, we came across a Mole who was really sad; Moley sang his sad song and we all cheered him up by changing it to a happy one! He was so happy that he helped us dig a tunnel to Stella's Chicken Coup.

Through the Tunnel, through the gate, finally, we found Stella (who was very distressed and couldn't stop singing!) We used our Warrior and Surfer Pose to find her eggs - which were hidden all over the garden. We were tired and it was getting dark, so we had to conjure a Magic Yogi Carpet by the Special Force of Ninja Yogis using our code mantra, and we flew back together. We found out that Stella had given us all one Egg to say Thank You for our brave work, and we lay down and thought about all the great things we'd experienced that day.

  • Swan Dive - helps get blood to our brain and lets our top body hang out nice and relaxed; it feels really good when we play with being an elegant swan!
  • Dog Pose - strengthens, lengthens, and energizes every one of your muscles.
  • Snake Pose - stretches muscles in our shoulder, chest and tummy, and helps us to be more flexible, which is great for doing our Yogi Ninja Missions
  • Mouse Pose - helps gently stretch our lower back, and feet, and thighs; helps us feel calmer so we don't panic and hurt ourselves when we're dodging tumbling rocks!
  • Gate Pose - opening up our side body (opening and closing the Gate one side then the other!) gives our lungs more space to let air in and out, which allows energy to flow really well; we can use our energy to focus mind and body on having even more fun on our Yogi Ninja adventures!
  • Tree Pose - Balancing is so helpful in our day-to-day lives, and helps us avoid getting unnecessary bumps n pains while rescuing distressed Spring Chickens!
'I like the dancing and the games' Harley Coleman, 9, Rowsley Village Hall Junior Yoga
Rachel Gay

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