Dynamic, Welcoming Yoga with Rachel Gay
for adults, children & teens across North East Derbyshire/South Yorkshire.

Rachel is owner and primary instructor at Wayyoga and represents the main face of our offerings. Rachel first came to yoga in 2010 as a means to stretch tight muscles from training in aerial acrobatics. She practised Iyengar yoga under the tutelage of a fellow aerial acrobat and noticed how much space she felt it opened up in the body, not only to move but to think. She returned to Iyengar continually in the years following while working as an actress in theatre in order to open up spaces vocally, physically and mentally. In 2016 she discovered Ashtanga & Gentle Vinyasa yoga. At this point she realised the profound mental and spiritual benefits of a yoga practise; it inspired her to deepen her practise and train as a teacher.

Wayyoga is dedicated to providing dynamic, authentic ways for people of all ages to practise strength, balance and self-regulation. It is not as easy today to find moments of stillness and quiet; time to properly process and digest our everyday experiences. Surrounded by mental clutter, information-overload and hyper-stimulation, now more than ever, whatever your age or background, we need to find a practise that brings us space simply to 'be'. A yoga practise is one of the many practises that can help guide you there.

Since the UK Covid pandemic (2020-21) we have continued to teach both children and adults online. The popularity and success of online private classes during this time has meant that we now offer online classes upon request. 

For Children, we offer inclusive yoga-play sessions for children in and out of school time through specially designed games, stories and relaxation techniques, focusing on yogic nurturing and wellbeing for children aged 4-12yrs.

Rachel is committed to the creation of Healthier Happier Futures. Her classes are friendly, calming, invigorating and Fun. She is happy to hear from you and listen to any questions, queries or comments.

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